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This is a 64-count vertical, tapless (except for a charleston and a turnstep in the breakdown) combination I used in my step class last night and they really seemed to enjoy it. Though I'm doing vertical step right now, this combination could easily be horizontal. I'm going to try to follow Jacque's lead and show how I broke it down as well as I can.

I know that I've used ideas or chunks of many other people's combinations so thank you!

Explanation of moves will follow the final combination.

Final combination:

* Crab - similar to a turnstep, but you don't tap down on counts 4 and 8. Counts 1-3 -- exactly like a turnstep (right up, left up, right down and left foot lifts slightly); counts 4-6 -- exactly like a turnstep minus the tap (left up, right up, left down and right foot lifts slightly). In the combination, you do a crab and then step up on top of the bench right, left.

** Broadway knee lift - you can do 2 alternating knee lifts or do a knee lift (1-2) and exit (3-4) and walk backwards away from the bench and do a knee lift on the floor (5-6) and walk back up to the bench (7-8).

*** Do a regular hopturn and the second half of the Broadway knee lift. Hopturn (1-2), exit and begin walking straight backwards (3-4), knee lift on the floor (5-6), walk back up to the bench (7-8).


Intro: I previewed the crab step before we began class and had them do it slowly withme witho music before we began.

Next I changed the turnstep to a crab, BUT did it at 1/2 time.

I then told them that we were going to add on and take that crab and tempo.

I then told them that we were going to cut that walk in half.

I then told them that we were going to change the order.

Then I needed to make sure everyone knew how to do a revolving door even though they would have the option of keeing that walk around the bench.

We practiced that until everyone had it.

I then told them that the revolving door was going to be added in place of the walk, but that they could keep that walk if they preferred.

  • Crab and take it on top (1-8)
  • 3 Alternating lunges side to side and exit back home, turning your body in to face the step (1-8)
  • Revolve over OR walk halfway around the bench (1-4)
  • 1 Hangover V-step (1-4)
  • 2 Alternating knee lifts (1-8)
  • The next time through, we changed the alternating knee lifts at the end to a Broadway knee.

    We then practiced the hopturn, making sure that they weren't leaving their foot planted on top of the bench.

    Then changed that to the following (so we could practice the hopturn to Broadway on each lead):

    Here, we practiced the second part of the combination to make sure we all had it down before I put the first 32 and the second 32 together.

    At this point, they'd learned all the trickiest parts of the combination, so we put it together!

    Obviously, we'll repeat and repeat and repeat the individual parts of the breakdown until everyone feels comfortable. I hope that this makes sense. Please feel free to send me questions if you need to!

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