Heather M's Sculpt Class #3

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15830)

Equipment used: high step bench (4-5 risers high, knee and hip at 90 degrees each, or slightly less, when foot at rest on top--think "fanny lifter from the Firm" height, I am blessed to have the single riser-sized steps for this class); dumbbells; versatubes;versacuffs-or other tubing for ankles; whatever you need for abs, if anything.

This workout uses upper and lower bod together almost exclusively, and contains a lot of balance elements.



Leg press=stepping on and off high step from behind it, often adding a glute squeeze with the rear "non-working" leg, playing with timing--such as pulsing for 3 on the floor and leg pressing on 4, etc.

Adductor press=sort of a leg press/squat from the side of the high step, non-stepping leg is brought across the body medially--aka.adducted--ala inner thigh.

4-Count rear lunge=step back into rear lunge/dip (1), rock onto back foot more while straightening front leg and dorsiflexing front foot (pull top of foot up toward shin) and row arms (2), un-rock into lunge/dip position and release row (3), return to standing (4). I usually start with regular rear lunges and regular rows, and then get kooky.

Double extension=standing on versatube with one leg, extend non-standing leg out in front of you as you press into tricep kickbacks behind you. *Dumbbell option: extend leg as above while french pressing overhead holding end of a dumbbell.

Runner's mark ham-row=holding dumbbells, and with versacuffs or other tubing around ankles if you have that, start in a position like runners are in before they take off out of the blocks. Push up through heel of front foot, rear leg is bent into a ham curl with hip extension (like you're kicking your own rear), and you're pulling into a row at the same time. It's fun to pulse down for 3 and come up on 4 for some saying "Ready, Set, Go!"

"4" Bi-squat=standing on one leg, cross one ankle on top of opposite knee (this can be standing on versatube, or using dumbbells), do one-legged squats while curling.

Push-ups and abs tips: I love to use the stability ball and med balls with these. Asymmetrical push ups are a good one: ball push-up position, one hand on floor, one on med ball, do several reps per arm, then do one, roll the ball to the other hand to catch/stop it, do one on that arm, roll it back, etc.. I'll be putting some good abs stuff in that section of the site soon. [evil laugh]

E'me if any Q's!

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