Sonia's Twist & Sculpt

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Equipment: chair (optional); three pairs of dumbbells, light, medium, heavy; gliding disks (or paper plates or carpet squares turned upside down). Make adjustments on the reps as needed for your class. May also pyramid from light to heavy. Note: I use the word twist interchangeably with turn.

Set I

Upper body, standing or seated on chair:

Heavy weights, arms are lifted to chest high and bent at 90 degrees, palms face the front:

Medium weights:

Light weights:

Heavy weights, standing position:

Medium weights:

Light weights:

Lower body - this same sequence will be used for all standing lower body work:

Standing with toes/balls of feet on gliding disks:

NOTE: cue to really press the ball of the foot into the disk when dragging it in and out - this ensures that the adductor is working.

Repeat the lateral slides and the slides back on the left.

May repeat the twists (32)

NOTE: option of doing the lateral slides right and then left. Twist for 32 or 64, then do the slides back right and left.

Set II

Upper body, seated or standing position:

Heavy weights:

NOTE: it helps to remember that you turn the hand position each time you near the shoulders.

Medium weights:

Light weights:

Heavy weights, seated on the edge of the chair (or standing):

Medium weights:

Light weights:



Upper body:

Heavy weights, standing position:

Medium weights:

Light weights:

Heavy weights, standing position or seated on the edge of a chair:

Note: by keeping the hands at the waist or slightly lower you work the mid back more.

Medium weights:

Light weights:


Stretch the upper body then add what you need to from these moves to fill your time:

Abs & Back: Mid-crunch & Twist (reps as needed)

Seated on a mat with feet flat on the floor. Hold one weight in both hands with the hands around the round part at each end. Lean back to about 45 degrees, keeping the core strong and back straight:

Lying on your side on a mat bend the bottom leg to help stabilize you, top hand rests on floor in front of you:

16x, abductor twists (128):

Repeat on the opposite side or insert the hamstring work and then do the abductors on the opposite side.

Lying supine with the heels each resting on a gliding disk:

Lift the hips into a bridge stressing core stabilization.

That's it! Hope you enjoy. Email any questions.


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