Maine-iac Steppers

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 15840)

They are all self-reversing and they all transition! I love to add and add and add and throw it all together at the end of class a few times! Any ?'s, let me know

Combo A:

Combo B:

Combo C:

Combo A notes:

* 1/2 Horseshoe = turn, straddle, exit same side of the board as you started on, but facing the opposite way.

** Diamond = step touch 2x around the end of your board, while pivoting at the same time. Arial view of the step makes it look like a "V". If you start north, facing east, you end south, facing west.

*** Squat cross = a plyo squat push with one leg one the board at a time. If you start facing west on a right lead, you end across the board facing west on a left lead. Immediately into the boardwalk left)

Combo B notes:

* Double L-step = just like a regular L, but you double everything up! 2 outside knees, 2 inside knees, 2 outside knees, exit, and jack

** Windmill = a repeater side leg, but I have them make it plyometric and have them circle their arms up overhead, wide, and back down to their sides with each plyo side leg

Combo C notes:

* Q-step = turn, straddle, turn, straddle, into a split basic. It looks like a horseshoe with a little tail at the end to make it a "Q"

** Power V-step = hop up wide on top of bench into a squat, then exit keeping the same lead foot

*** Corkscrew = step hop into a heel tap on bench, immediately into a back hop to land exactly where you started

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From: Westbrook, Maine (USA)
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