Have a Ball! (and a BOSU, and a couple of disks, and...)

This is a Ball pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15985)

Here is last week's Have A Ball class. Mostly toning with a few cardio drills thrown in for variety.

Equipment needed (per person): Ball, BOSU, gliding disks, body bar, mat

For each segment, we did legs, then core, then upper body. I tried to vary the tempo (down two, up two for 16, then 8 at tempo, etc.) whenever possible. I didn't use a stopwatch or anything for these; just kinda went with how it felt and when it was time to move on.

BIG stretch at the finish. I also added some stretches after certain exercises when I felt it was necessary. I was s.o.r.e. for 3 days after this workout! A good sore, of course. :)


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