Pirate Paul's 32 count Varmint routine

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G'day Maties and welcome to this here Varmint routine description. She's simple as the ocean's current in the mid Atlantic, yet fun enough that not much grog is needed to enjoy! The pirate tale on this one is on the deck (step) is a durn varmint of the worst kind on a pirate ship and like any good pirate ye start by kicking the varmint (not with your pegleg!) and like any good pirate ye turn and run away but then ye realize ye shouldn't run away like a little girl! So ye does an about face (pivot), shuffle yer feet and then chase the varmint about the deck at high speed (chasse around).

Finally ye nail the varmint and ye are so happy ye step (on) over it and then in celebration you rock on top and yer so happy your reverse V on it and finally just do a ham curl cause ye gots pirattitude! Aaarrrggg, what could be simpler??? If ye don't be careful with the reverse V ye just might keelhaul your A$$ on the deck!!!

Horizontal ship, 32 count, self-reversing, right lead


* On the SW corner, step (right) and kick (left), then turn inside and walk back (step (right), step (left)) diagonally from the bench, then pivot (right) (or mambo) finally cha/cha/cha back towards the SW corner of the step. Ready to step right.

** Starting near the SW corner, chasse all the way around and you will end up back at the SW corner. If need help to chasse, have some grog after ale o'clock put on some good music and have at it!

*** Walk over - could be called something else like skull stomper or brain musher but didn't want the VPS after me (Varmint Protection Society) but here is the breakdown (right foot lead, facing west, at SW corner)

**** Rock on top (from the previous move, now LEFT lead swabbies!)

Use the momentum of the exiting from the Rock on top to continue turning into the reverse V-step, flows really well. (IMHPO) (In My Humble Pirate Opinion).

She's a simple but fun routine and easy to teach. If you would like help with the breakdown of have any questions, please feel free to email.

I have earned so much from this site and all of you, it is nice to give back.

AND REMEMBER, September 19th, international Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Paul <grin>

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