Boot Camp 2

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This is an hour class. Enjoy! Please email me if you have any questions.

WARM-UP: (10 minutes)

Have each member get a bench and put 4 risers under each side. Alternate: 2 minutes stepping up and down on the bench with wrists crossed overhead, then 15 push-ups. Then back on the 2 minutes, then more push-ups, etc...


SET 1: 12 minutes

A. Everyone lines up at one end of the room. Everyone does high knee jogs in place, while the first person sprints across the room and back. Continue until everyone has had a chance to sprint. Follow with 25 squats. Do another round of both.

B. Bicep sequnce with bars or free weight-1 minutes

Repeat both sections.

SET 2: 12 minutes

A. Divide the class into 2 groups: Group 1: 25 jump squats per leg off the bench Group 2: Footwork drill on their bench (May have to take out a couple of risers for the footwork) Switch once the group doing the jump squats has finished.

B. Tricep kick-backs- 1 minutes

Repeat both sections.

SET 3: 12 minutes

A. Parachute runs-1 minutes; 25 squats: Repeat for other partner; 25 squats

(Parachute runs: have them partner up. Each pair gets a band with the handles on each end. The band comes around the stomach of one person (have them hold the band with their hands over their stomach so it doesn't dig in) and the other person holds the handles. The person holding the handles provides resistance for the other person while they run across the room. If the person running is going too fast, tell the person holding the handles to pull back harder).

B. Shoulders: Side and front raises-1 minutes.

SET 4: 4 minutes

A. Moguls with step- 1 minutes: Have members stand by their bench. On the floor, jump from end to end like skiing back and forth, knees bent. After the second jump, have them jump up onto one end of the bench. So, it will be like Jump right, jump left, jump on the step, and down. Keep going for 1 minutes.

B. Back: Seated row with resistance bands (the ones with handles)-1 minutes

Repeat both sections.

**Save 10 minutes for Abs and Cool Down!

Enjoy! Let me know how it works for you!

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