Boot Camp 3

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This is an hour class. Please email me if you have any questions!

WARM-UP (10 minutes)

15 push-ups at one end of the room, run to other end, 14 push-ups, run, etc...


SET 1: (12 minutes)

A. Line up about 6 benches down the center of the room, with enough room to jump consecutively over them. Feet together jumps over all benches, lunge back to beginning and start again. Make sure they are landing with soft knees.- 5 minutes

B. Biceps sequence with bars or free weights. -1 minutes

Repeat both sections

SET 2: (10 minutes)

A. Foot work drill on bench: 1 minutes, 45 sec., 30 seconds., 15 sec.-25 squats in between each interval

B. Tricep dips/kick backs- 1 minutes

Repeat both sections.

SET 3: (10 minutes)

A. Suicide drill-2 minutes; Suicides with jacks-2 minutes (At each interval of the suicide, have them do 5 jacks)

B. Shoulders: Overhead press with bars or free weights- 1 minutes

Repeat both sections

SET 4:

This is a 20/10 sequence. 20 seconds on the first thing listed, 10 on the second.


B. Back: Bent over row with bar- 1 minutes

Repeat both sections

Save time for Abs and Cool Down/Stretches

Enjoy! Let me know how it works for you!!

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