Chantie's Step (5) 16 count blocks

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 15990)

Step (5)

(lead foot is between brackets)
(counts between brackets)

All blocks are 16 count right lead, then 16 count left lead. I mix them up at the end, starting block 1 with right lead only, block 2 with left lead, 3 with right lead etc.

Block 1

Block 2

Block 3

Block 4

Block 5

Block 6

Block 7


* Leg curl on the bench right lead: step up right, curl left step up, curl right step off, curl left step off, curl right and on with the next step. You can add a turn; step up right foot on LEFT corner of the bench, curl left and turn the body, curl right step off and continue the step, completing the turn until you're back where you started.

** Repeater twist right lead: step up right, lift left knee and come down, twist right knee Elvis-like and back, left knee up and down, right foot down.

*** Reverse V-lunge right lead: step up right foot to left corner (1), left foot right corner (2), tap right (3-4) then left (5-6) foot on the floor for ONE count each, step off right-left (7-8). Then you can walk right into mambo-chacha, make sure to turn your body to the bench during the chacha

**** Spider over the step right lead: I'm not sure how to explain this one. Right foot on left corner, left foot to the side in sort of squat, come up fast and jump over the bench to the other side, left foot lands on right short end of the bench, right foot beside the bench in squat, come back to starting position.

***** Tap around the step right lead: like an around the world but taps instead of knees. Tap right foot on left corner, straddle, tap left foot on left short end of the bench, turn (you're now facing the bench again but on the other side as where you started), tap right foot on right short end of the bench, straddle, tap left foot on right short end, come back to starting position...

****** Ricochet right lead: I took this from the BodyStep. I start with a repeater and change into ricochet. Right foot on the bench, lift left knee, left foot on the floor, right foot taps the floor on the other side of the bench, right foot back on the bench, lift left knee, step down.

I hope the explanation is clear enough, I find it hard to explain certain things. I've been thinking recording some of my combos on film and posting them on YouTube like discussed on the TBB, but at the moment I'm still a bit camera-shy... LOL

Email me if you have any questions 131179 AT

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