Vertical Tuesday

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 15991)

This is to be done on a vertical step with a right lead. The patterns were inteded for an interval step class (each pattern taking approximately 5 minutes. The patterns do not go together because the second pattern starts on the end of the step.

    *   *
    *   *
side*   *

Combo 1: (start on side of step)

*Like a ricochet (hop over step on first knee and back to start on second)

Combo 2: (start on end)

(Repeat other leg)

Combo3: (start on end)


*L-step on end- step right, lift left knee, exit end of bench (left,right), step left, lift right knee, exit other side of bench

Combo 4: (start on end)

(repeat other side)

*Like a walk away joe or corner to corner knees- step right (front corner), lift left knee, turn and walk to back of room lf,right,left - lift rt leg and kick, walk back to step right,left,rt (facing forward on the side).

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