Step Junkie Mega Choreo #1

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 15993)

This is an intermediate-level step class. Hope you can use some or all.

Explanations: (note: all explanations are for right lead)

Tap & straddle (4 counts): right toe taps the step (1), right foot to floor in FRONT of step (2). Left toe taps the step (3), left foot to floor in BACK of step (4). You can double-time this for a lot more intensity.

Shuffle stroll (8 counts): shuffle down the step right-left-right (1-2), walk on the floor left-right-left (3-5) away from the step. Pivot on the right foot 180 degrees to face the step (6), Walk towards step left-right (7-8).

V-slide, across, step-kick, step-together, knee exit (16 counts): step up right-left as in a V-step (1-2). Step down right behind left foot (3), step down left next to right (4). You should be on the floor at the West end of the step, facing front. Now go across the long way: Up right-left moving across (5-6), down right at the East end (7), Step down left diagonally North East in front of right foot, so you are moving towards the front east corner of the room (8). Step right, kick left (9-10). Step backwards left-right diagonally moving back towards your step (11-12). You should be standing on the floor next to the East end of the Step. Step up onto step left and lift right knee (13-14). Exit right-left (15-16).
Breakdown: V-step, 1 Knee.
Change: V-step to a V-slide off the end, and make the knee a knee exit to home.
Change: add in the across the top: v-slide, across the top x2, knee exit.
Change: add in placeholders for the walk & kick: V-slide, across the top x1, march 3 & kick, march 2, knee exit
Change: make the marches into the walk away and the big step-together: V-slide, across the top, walk away, step kick, step-together, knee-exit. Then take a big breath after saying all that as the cue.

Lunge & jack: up right-left (1-2), lunge right, up right (3-4). Jack on top of step out-in (5-6). Lunge left, up left (7-8), jack on top out-in (9-10), exit right-left (11-12). If you want a nice self-reversing 16-count move, just add one more lunge & jack before you exit.
Breakdown: up & lunge 3 times (right-left-right), exit (left-right) and jack 3 times.
Change: move the jacks to on top before you exit: up & lunge 3 times (right-left-right), jack 3 on top, then exit.
Change: cut the lunges to 1, cut the jacks to 1: up & lunge for 1, 1 jack on top, lunge 1, 1 jack on top, 1 lunge, 1 jack, exit.
Change: cut the extra lunge and jack. up & lunge 1, 1 jack on top, lunge 1, 1 jack, exit.

Squats going over: instead of squatting in place, squat then quickly hop to the front/back on the in-between beats. squat (1), over (1&), squat on front (2), over (2&), etc. If you want a super hard cardio workout, alternate the direction you are facing on each squat by jumping: squat (1), jump way up and turn to face the other direction (1&), squat (2), jump and face original direction (2&), etc.

Tap wide off the ends: think of tapping your step corner to corner (instead of, say, a knee corner to corner). Then, tap the floor instead of the step. Tap as far away from the step as you can. Stay facing front. a more intense option is to jump into a low squat on the ends of the step (you are facing front).

Please email me if you have any questions. Enjoy!

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