BB's Tapless Advanced Step

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If you don't like complex advanced choreography, this combo is not for you. If you do, read on...

*TANGO=Up right to west corner (1), rock left on step at east corner of step (or on floor at front of bench) while lifting right foot slightly (2), right foot to corner again, lift left (3), down left right in back of step again (4,5), MAMBO=mambo corners left lead and right ending with right foot on floor and left foot off (6-11),--(you can also take your mambos in a circle, turning over outside shoulder)--TANGO=Up left to east corner (12), rock right on step at west corner (or on floor at front of bench) while lifting left foot (13)-- just as in first 5 counts only other lead--, left foot to east corner again (14) and exit (15,16)

L-SKI=right foot to west corner (1), lift left knee (2), jump with both feet right on step, left off (3), jump with both feet onto step from west end (4), jump with both feet right on step, left off (5), lift left knee (6), exit left right (7,8).

LONDON BRIDGE=I demonstrate an I-step (up jack, down jack) to begin which can be an alternative option. From back of bench, leap left foot over bench to front of bench on floor (1), followed by right foot (2), jack on floor (3,4), then do the same returning to the back of the bench same lead (5-8).

Proceed to other lead.

I like this combo because it is not too time consuming to break down but its different and intense. Hope you and your classes like it too.

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From: Tucson, Arizona (USA)
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