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Do your usual warmup, whatever that may be then work in these combos. In my morning classes, I teach by the lap clock so I have them do each move in the first combo for 1 minute each then I go back, do the first combo again but this time for 30 seconds, keeping the interval at one minute then I add on the second combo doing each move for one minute. Then I go back through the second combo (not the first) and do the same as I did with the first. I usually get through about 3 combos per class so here you have 5 to play with, mix and match, whatever works for you..

Here goes.

*Arm options for the cross-country ski...
Have them move both arms up and down in front (cue slight bend in elbow--don't lock out)
Using a noodle, have them row the arms in and out
Do the same without the noodle
L-arms: instead of swinging the arms front and back one arm goes front and the other arm goes to the side making an L-shape ... alternate arms with the legs like you normally would
No arms (good for an interval to really get them to use the legs)

I hope you can use it


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