Summer Stepping (Int)

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Here's a few step routines that have gone over well in class. Hope you can use some or part of them. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to submit patterns.

Combo 1, 32 count, right-lead, self-reversing.

This combo is a bit tricky because L-hams are going to the opposite corner that you do the mambo cha-cha.

Combo 2, 32 count, right-lead, self-reversing

*Cowboy L-step. Starts like a regular L-step. Step knee, tap 3 times off the side of your step moving backwards with each tap, knee, home.
So its: 1 step, 2 knee, 3 tap, 4 tap, 5 tap, 6 knee, 7 step down left, 8 step down right. I call it a cowboy L, because during the taps I twirl my hand over my head and yell "YEE-HAW" :-)

**Turning split lunge. Assuming you all know what a split lunge is. Step up right, left (1,2) while turning to face the back of the room. Split lunge of the back of your step (3,4,5,6). Turn back to the front of the room while you step back down. (7,8)

Combo 3, 64 count, right-lead, self-reversing

*Fly Home. Also known as a "glute squeeze over"

**4 Split lunges home. After the mambo off the end, you step up on the short end right/left (1,2), lunge to the sides right/left (3,4,5,6) turn slightly and lunge home right/left (7,8,9,10). Step down home, right/left (11,12). I teach this facing front with the mambo front, then advance to mambo to the side, lunges home.

***A Double Dip is a advanced move for a regular over the top. I'll explain a normal NON revolving double dip first:
Start like an over the top right/left (1,2), left foot stays on step, right foot steps out on floor into a quick squat (3) come up into a heel dig on step (4) back into a quick squat (5) then push off back over the top (6) step down left, TAP down right (7,8)
.. instead of STEP down left, TAP down right (7,8) you revolve over on count (6) to face front, STEP down left, STEP down right, that will put you on LEFT lead.

I know these explanations can be confusing, so please email me with any questions and Ill be happy to answer them.

Step Safely

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