Sonia's ABC's of Step (Routine SS - Basics + Drills)

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 16005)

For this routine I have added drills based on each combo. The drills will reinforce and repeat parts of the combo, which will help new steppers and make it easy for new instructors to teach. We are going to work with just three combos and three drills. I have also included suggestions on how to add them together.

All the combos are tapless and self-reversing and are done on a horizontal step using a front approach. Footwork explanations follow.

Combo 1

Repeat left

Drill 1

Right, 1x L-step (8)
Left, hamcurl on top 2x, run run, exit (8)
Repeating this 8x at 128 bpms = one minute.

Combo 2

Repeat left

Drill 2

2x Running basic or 1x split basic (8)
1x Knee slap repeater (8)
Repeating this 8x at 128 bpms = one minute.


Add combos 1 and 2 together, running through it twice on each lead.

Add the drills together repeating each drill either 4x or 8x (equals one or two minutes at 128 bpms.)

Combo 3

Repeat left

Drill 3

1x, L-shape repeater (8)
1x, Abductor lift (4)
1x, Adductor lift (4)
Repeating this 8x at 128 bpms = one minute.


Combine all your combos together. Run through each lead 2x. Run through all the drills together 1x or 2x for your final big push!

If you still have time left you can try weaving the three combos:
1 right lead, 2 left lead, 3 right lead, 1 left lead, 2 right lead, 3 left lead. Still balanced, but doing it as one long combination.


*Hamcurl 2x on top, run run:
1) step up left,
2) right hamcurl,
3) step on top right,
4) left hamcurl,
5,6) run on top left and right
7,8) step down left and right.

**Knee Slap Repeater:
1,2) step up right, lift the left knee,
3) left foot to floor..keep right foot on step,
4,5) squat slightly and slap slap the thighs,
6) knee lift left,
7,8) step down left and right.

***L-Shape Repeater
1,2) step up right, kick the left foot forward,
3,4) left touches down, left abducts,
5,6) left touches down, left kicks forward,
7,8) step down left and right.

Email any questions, comments, or suggestions. I love to hear from you!


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