Sonia's Precision Strength #1

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from (pattern 16007)

Precision: the quality or state of being precise. The degree of refinement with which a move is performed and marked by precision of execution.

There is nothing unusual about this workout except that it is performed with slow, deliberate, precise motion. This allows every move to focus on full range of motion and precise muscle recruitment. Slow movement not only utilizes the muscles more completely, but it also allows students to concentrate on precise form.

Equipment: heavy dumbbells (the heaviest with which you can complete the 8-12 reps), and a sprie band, or dynaband tied in a circle small enough to offer heavy resistance.

All moves are performed slowly and with control; at least a 4 up/4 down count. Music bpms should be no more than 128. Repetitions are 8x-12x. Work is done with heavy dumbbells unless specified otherwise.

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From: Texas (USA)
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