Marcos Prolo's "Tie The Knot" (from Jacque)

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"Tie the knot" is a 10 count move I got from Marcos Prolo's Step Architecture session at IDEA this year. Once I figured it out, it was a blast! Kudos and thanks to Marcos! Fun fun.

Here I have inserted it into some of my own material. Breakdown at the end. 32 counts. Reversing. Tapfree. Horizontal board:

Breakdown for "Tie the knot":

Base: Double stomp left at SE corner + Double stomp right at SW corner + single stomp corner-corner left,right (6 count mambo) = 16 counts.

First layer: Double stomps become a back mambo on top (aka: rock on top or waltz on top).

Second layer -- Tie the Knot =
Count 1: Left foot on SE corner (begin reversing up)
Count 2: Right foot in middle of board (you are facing the back wall)
Count 3: Left foot crosses over right and lands on SW corner (still facing back)
Count 4: Right foot exits on N side
Count 5: Left foot exits on N side. You are still facing back wall.
Count 6: Right foot on NE corner (begin reversing up)
Count 7: Left foot in middle of board (you are facing the front now)
Count 8: Right foot crosses over left and lands on NW corner
Count 9: Left foot exits home
Count 10: Right foot exits home

Follow with the 6 count mambo OR pivot on the floor on the second stomp.

Another breakdown:


Do again beginning with a left lead.

Layer 1 -- Replace the repeaters:

Follow with the 6 count mambo 2 times and 1 hamcurl. Repeat beginning with a left lead.

Layer 2 -- bring the first part to tempo and cut out 1 of the 6 count mambos:

Layer 3 -- demo an optional reverse up on counts 1 and 6 of the "Tie the Knot"

Have fun. My step maniacs are loving this one!


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From: Fort Collins, Colorado (USA)
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