Fun Summer Hip- Hop Hi /Lo

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This is a fun Hi/Lo routine that I've done for my classes the past few weeks. I use some jazzed up hi/lo moves to call this "hip-hop hi/lo," but really it can be used for any hi/lo class. In fact, I did this same routine to some "oldies" aerobics music, and it was a blast! If you have any questions, please email me! ;)

Combo 1, 64 counts, self-reversing

  1. (16) Out, out, in, in x4 (you can take this 360 degrees or do 4 facing the front)
  2. (8) Step touch or step slide
  3. (8) Scoop up x4 (single, single, double)--this reverses the lead
  4. (8) Double step left, right
  5. (8) Step touch or step knee back
  6. (16) Kick and step*

* Kick and step- 3 heel digs (1-5) with 3 marches or runs (6-8) forward, 3 heel digs (1-5) with 3 marches (6-8) (or runs) backward. To breakdown, start with low heel digs, then cue 3 with a march in place. I count it out with them, "3, 2, 1, march, march, march. 3,2,1, march, march, march." Then tell them to add movement with the march or run if they wish.

*I learned this move from the instructor who got me involved in teaching. This move is fun, easy to do, and a change of pace.

Combo 2, 64 counts, self-reversing

  1. (4) Tap out x2*
  2. (4) Walk forward x4
  3. (4) Tap out x2
  4. (4) Walk backward x4
  5. (8) Step pump x2 (pump it)**
  6. (8) Slow double step--reverses leads***
  7. (8) Ham curls up x4
  8. (8) Grapevine L (turn toward the back of the room, not the front)
  9. (8) V-step x2 (should be facing the East wall when you start the V-step, do one V-step to the East, then turn the second V-step to the front)
  10. (8) 4 Alternating knees

All explanations assume right lead:

*Tap out--pretty self-explanatory...(with a right lead) tap the right foot out (1), bring it back to center (2), tap the left foot out (3), bring it back to center (4). Instead of a tap, hop the feet out for more intensity. Add hips in with the tap or hop to make it funky.

** Step pump or pump it--this is basically a step tap with pizazz. Step out with the right foot, shift weight to the right, and extend the arms out in front (1), tap the left toe in its place and pump the arms toward the right side (2), put weight back on the left foot and shift weight to the center and pump the arms (3), tap the right toe in its place and shift weight to the left while pumping the arms to the left (4). You can even add some hip movement in with the arm pumps to make if funky.

*** Slow double step--this is a double step slowed down to 8 counts with some pulses. Step out with the right foot and pulse down twice into a squat (1-2), step in with left foot pulsing down twice into the squat (3-4), then repeat for 4 counts. There is a pulse on every count of this move. It is a nice move that works the legs and glutes while reversing leads. Play with it and see how funky you can make it!

I hope you can use all or some of these combos. My classes have had fun with them. I must give credit to my mentor, Mandy, whom some of you know. She taught me how to teach, so all of these moves I have learned from her. We need more Hi/Lo patterns posted here, and I thought I could help!

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