Boot Camp, or Oh My Aching Legs!

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(Inspired by Jennifer G's great Boot Camp posts!)

Room setup = a row of steps lined up end to end at the front of the room. In our studio, I think we used 7-8 steps lined up this way.

Everyone needs a jump rope and mat.

1. Standing to the left of the first step, tap up and down with a right lead, moving forward to the last step. Walking lunge across the floor back to the first step. Repeat but on left lead. Do a total of 4 sets -- 2 right, 2 left. Then jump rope for 1 minute.

2. Same basic idea, but this time go over/across the steps and back, while moving forward. Side squat back to the beginning. Repeat for 4 sets. Jumping jacks for 1 minute.

3. Football feet, FAST, straddling the steps and moving forward. Inchworms back to the staright (Inchworm = squat, put your hands down, walk your hands out to get into a plank position, do one pushup, walk your feet into your hands, stand up. Repeat across the floor.) Only 2 sets of this because the inchworms are so evil. Football feet (not at the steps) for 1 minute.

4. Jump over the steps while moving forward. Option = tap up and down again, or go across the steps. Backward walking lunge back to the staright Repeat for 4 sets. Cross-country ski 1 minute.

5. 5-minute drill. Minute 1 = jump rope. Minute 2 = hold the rope and hop side to side. Minute 3 = jump rope. Minute 4 = hold the rope and hop forward and back. Minute 5 = jump rope.

6. Pushup drill. Move the steps out of the way so you have more space. Starting at one end of the room, run down to the opposite wall and do 6 pushups. Run back to where you started and do 6 crunches. Run across and do 5 pushups, then run back and do 5 crunches. Repeat for sets of 4, 3, 2, and 1.

7. Everyone gets their own step. Dip/mountain climber superset. One set of 16 dips at tempo, followed by one minute of mountain climbers with hands on the step. Rest/stretch for a second and then do it again, but this time do the dips at half tempo (2 counts down, 2 counts up).

8. Abs.

9. Stretch!


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