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Hi All,
I love this place! Thanks Turnstep!
Here are a few games to play to change up your workout. Games are best with 12 or more, make people laugh, and great for sick instructors.

Ball Blowout

Lots of balls or other throwable toys. Lots! Separate the group in two, make a line to separate the two sides. Two chairs on either side of the pool, cones, or a rope across the pool work well. Divide the balls between the two sides. They can hold them or have them laying on the water;it doesn't matter. Set a time limit. Ten minutes has worked well for me. Goal: Move all the balls to the other team's side before time is up, or whoever has the least amont of balls when time is up, wins.

Rickshaw Ride Race

Two noodles, two to four participants. All participants step in between their groups' two parallel noodles. The front and rear person face away from each other. If there are four participants, the back two face to the rear, front two forward. Rear participant touches the wall, noodle is perpendicular to the wall. The noodle doesn't turn around. The rear facing participants float-no kicking! No one swims-stay upright. All hand on noodles at all times. Race!

Noodle Tow Race

Two to four participants per team. One puller, one to three hangers-on. Only the puller propels. Uses one hand to hold, one to swim. Switch pullers at the walls. Everyone must touch the wall before changing.

Resin Chair Team Building Activity Race

I use this to certify Boy Scouts in team building for their Water Safety Badge. Hysterically funny! Resin chairs are all plastic, no metal. One for each team of four. Also, for extra fun, fill a plastic or paper cup with water, set it on the chair. No spilling. All teams are together at the edge of the pool. All chairs and cups are setting on the deck. The instructor hands each group a chair, each person supports one leg. Chair legs must stay out of water. One team member also holds onto the pool wall for race fairness. No spilling! Race!

Paddle Ball

Individual participant race. Need one noodle and one ball per player. (Rite Aid sells lovely two dollar 8-10 inch balls). Players goal is to hit the ball all the way across the surface of the pool using the noodle. No hands, no pinching up the ball, and no stealing or otherwise fooling with other players balls. Race!

If you need help as an instructor or program developer, feel free to write. I have been teaching Water Fitness since 1985, am a YMCA Water Fitness Trainer (meaning I certify instructors, as well as teach) and teach at a local junior and state college, as well as local health clubs.

Take care, all!

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