Sonia's Precision Strength #2 (No Weights! + Stretches)

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from (pattern 16040)

This workout uses your body weight and adds additional workload by creating instability with the Gliding Disks and a Stability Ball.

Abductor Clockwork: Begin by lying on your left side supported on elbowith forearm. Option of lying all the way down. Bottom leg bent and lying on floor for support, top leg straight with toes resting on one gliding disk. Your hips are the center of the clock. The straight leg is at 3 o'clock.

Do 8x on each side:

Turn prone and perform pushups from desired position 8x with hands on gliding disks (optional).

Come to the hands and knees. Place a gliding disk under the right hand (or both hands). Step knees back slightly. Option of keeping the feet on the floor or of lifting calves and crossing ankles. Using the heel of the hand slide the right disk forward slowly and drag it back in slowly (4/4). Repeat 4x-8x on each side. Cut to 4 each side, then two each side, then alternate sides. May try the slide with both hands on the disks 4x.

Turn supine and place the disks under your feet with the left foot in "brake" position. Begin by pressing the right heel into the disk and sliding the right disk out and in 4/4 count, 4x - 8x. Repeat left. Now 4x right and 4x left. 2x right, 2x left. Then alternate right/left 8x (4 each side). Finally-right/left together 4x. An option on this part is to lift the head and shoulders slightly and hold steady. AND, for the grand finale - lift the hips into bridge position and slide the disks out alternately, 4x each side; then together 2x-4x! Adjust the reps for your class. Keep the core stable - no arching backs. If the class is a beginner level you will definitely want to skip the bridge part and lower the reps on the other parts.

Come to a kneeling position with the Stability Ball in front of you. Center your hips over the ball with the legs together and extended straight out from the hips. Place your hands on the floor beneath your shoulders. Lower the upper body down and up 8x keeping the legs in a straight line with the spine (like a seesaw on the playground). Stay here for another 8 reps or walk the hands forward so that the shins rest on the ball. Last 4x - 8x: stay in one of the first two positions or walk the hands forward again so that the ankles and feet are on the ball. Repeat down/up.

** Walk the hands back, using the ball to help you return to your knees. Stretch the upper body by rolling the ball forward and letting the head droop between the upper body keeping softness in the elbow joints. Draw the ball towards you tucking the tailbone under and rounding up one vertebrae at a time. Slowly stand.

Take the ball to the wall and position it between your sacrum and the wall. Walk the feet forward so that when you roll down to a squat position the knees are over the ankles.

NOTE: make sure that the back does not curve around the ball as the ball rolls up the back. Tailbone stays neutral.

Triceps Holds Or Dips:

With the ball still against the wall sit in the center of it with your back to the wall. Place your hands on opposite sides of the ball. Walk your feet forward until your bottom is no longer on the ball. Hold. This should take 32 counts (walk out 4, hold 20 counts, walk back in 4, pause 4). Repeat as needed. Option of making the hold longer too.

Advanced students can perform triceps dips instead of holds once they walk the feet out. The farther out the feet are the tougher this is. Really strong participants can take the ball away from the wall and do the holds or the dips. That is very challenging!

Horsey Adductors:

Sit on top of the ball with your toes behind the ball on each side. When you look down there is a straight line from your hips to the knees. Calves are back and you are up on the toes. Think of riding a horse bareback and you will have the right positioning. If the thighs are not straight this will not work the adductors correctly.

Come to a standing position and place a gliding disk under each foot. Forward fold to place your hands on the floor. Bend the knees and come to all fours. Assuming a modified plank position either up on the hands or in the forearm position. Slide the right disk out and in, slide the left disk out and in keeping the core stable - no tilting or sagging. 4x each side. Level one students continue here. Advanced level: slide both disks back until you are in a full plank (not resting on knees!). Choice of hands or forearms. Draw one knee in at a time keeping the toes on the gliding disks and hips level. If your class is really strong assume a plank position and have them try sliding into and out of a downward dog (plank, dog, plank, dog etc.).

Lay forward and then backward over the ball to stretch (spinal flexion and extension). Entire spine and head should make contact with the ball.

Massage and #4 stretch on the ball: as you lift from the backward spine stretch (extension) continue coming forward to drop your butt towards the floor, but don't touch down. Head should be supported by hands at base of skull. Wrap the arms back around the ball and rock side to side gently. Press up with the feet a little and place the right ankle on the left thigh. Drop hips down to stretch. Repeat opposite.

Neck, traps, and quad stretch: kneel with the ball on your left side close to the body. Lean over the ball resting the left arm as needed for support near the top of the ball or over the ball, or with fingertips on the floor. Extend the top leg along the floor with the foot resting comfortably on the floor and keeping the leg in a straight line with the hip and spine. Slowly bring the right arm up and over your head allowing the arm to gently curve. The left ear will be tilted toward the left shoulder, but the shoulder should not be hunched. Hold for a few deep, slow breaths. KEEPING the left ear toward the left shoulder lift the right arm to the ceiling. Slowly lower the right arm until your palm rests on the hip or thigh. Now reach the fingers downward along the leg and hold. To release, bend the elbow, and slowly return the head to center. Bring the left arm to rest on top of the ball, keep left knee on floor, adjust body weight, and lift the top leg; draw foot back towards buttocks and perform quad stretch. Before repeating on the opposite side perform this chest stretch on each side:

Kneeling with the ball in front of you place the right hand on the ball and roll the ball around to the right as far as you can go keeping the body square to the front. Repeat left. Repeat the upper body stretch (see ** above). Now place the ball against the right hip and repeat the neck, traps, quad stretch on the left side.

Lay supine on the floor with the ankles/calves resting on the ball. Inhale to stabilize the core. Exhale rolling the ball to the right just enough to feel a gentle spinal twist. Hold for a few breaths. Return to center and repeat left. Repeat right and left 2x - 4x on each side.

Rest the ankles and calves on the ball and stretch each hamstring/calf and rotate the ankles.

Rest the outer edges of the feet on the top third of the ball. Soles are together and knees are open to the side. Stretch can be adjusted by pulling the ball closer to the body. Hold this position as you breathe deeply.

Feet return to the top of the ball. May straighten legs by rolling ball out or keep the calves/ankles resting on the ball. A few more deep inhales/exhales and you are done!

Whew...what a lot of info. We did this class last night and I can really tell that I worked! If you have any questions just email me.


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