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Here's a 64-count combination that is based on moves stolen from Lethal Leslie! Explanations and breakdowns are below.

Combo 1 (64 counts, self-reversing)

Explanations and breakdown ideas: (note all explanations start right lead, even if they start left lead above)

Shuffle down step, 3 point turn x2 (10): shuffle down the step right,left,right (1&2). March for 3 (3-4-5) while turning counterclockwise to face the step. Repeat shuffling down the front (North) side of the step. Finish the move on the floor facing the East end of the step.

--2 stomps right and march 4, right/left/right/left. Repeat.
--Change the stomps to be traveling down the step. Change the march 4 to marching counterclockwise to arrive at the Northwest corner. Repeat stomping down the front edge of step and marching to arrive at Southeast corner of the step. This gets them traveling down the step, and they learn how to turn the correct direction. Repeat both lead legs. On the left lead, the marches go clockwise
--Change the 2 stomps to a shuffle, and cut the marches to 3. Practice 4 times right, then 3 knees corner to corner to change lead leg.

2 Knees on top, 2 knees in straddle (8): you are on the floor, facing the west end of the step. Step up right (1), lift left knee (2), step on top left (3), lift right knee (4). Step on floor at South side right (5), lift left knee (6), step down on North side (aka straddling) left (7), lift right knee (8).

Rock on top, pivot on floor, cha-cha on top (8): from Lethal Leslie! Step up right, facing west (1), step up left, behind right and rocking backwards onto the left foot (2), rock forward onto right foot (3). Step down left (4). Step forward right and pivot 180 to face your step, then step onto left foot (5-6). Cha-cha-cha right,left,right (7&8).

--2 stomp right, mambo cha-cha right. Repeat left and continue repeating as needed.
--Keep all as above, except change mambo to a pivot.
--Change 2 stomps such that the second count is also on top, so the first 3 steps of the move are now on top. Your cha-cha-cha is still on the floor. Repeat as needed.
--Last change is to bring the cha-chas up on top. Be ready to cue "lunge side-to-side" since this is a move that ends on top. Lunge 3 times, and exit home. Change lead leg and repeat on left lead. By doing the lunges, you are preparing the class for the next move (lunge, flip, scissor)

1 Lunge, flip, scissor (6): from on top facing west: right leg lunges to North side (1). As you pull your right foot up on top, flip around 180 (2). Left foot performs a scissor by tapping the floor (3), swinging over the step (4), and stepping down left and right (5-6).

I practice from Home position rather than from on top:
--Up, up, 2 side lunges, and straddle down (8) -- your typical split lunge.
--Change to: up-up right,left (1-2), tap right foot on floor at North side and return to top (3-4), scissor over to the front by tapping left foot at Home (5), swinging the glute over to the North side (6), and stepping down on the North side left,right (7-8). Repeat starting Left lead. This is the base move for the lunge-flip-scissor.
--Add in the flip. This is the final move as desribed above. Note: in the combo above, the "scissor" always brings you Home.

Tap & straddle (2): right foot taps step (1), right foot steps over to the North side and weight transfers to the right foot (2).

Chassee turn & stomp (6) (also from Lethal Leslie): chassee over to North side right,left,right (1&2), step down left, turning body so you are facing the back of the room (3). Stomp the Northeast corner with the right foot, lifting left foot slightly (4). Step down left in same place again (5), step down right, angled slightly southwest (6). Note: in the combo, the chassee always returns you to "Home" position.

Tap dance (4): This is a variation on a V-step. The rhythm is "&1&2, 3, 4". Just before the 1-count, step up wide right (&). Step up left wide as in a V-step (1). Step wide right again on top (1&), step wide again left, on top (2), Down right (3), down left (4).

Wow. I had another 64 counts, but will save it for a different post. Sorry for so much typing. Please email me if you need help.

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