Red Rover Boot Camp

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My first posting to this site - thanks for all the excellent ideas!! Please email with any questions...

Warm Up

Crossroom lunge - push ups - sprint back. Start with 10 push ups - lunge to other side, 9 on other wall - sprint back, progress down to 1. Stretches

Set 1:

RED ROVER - Divide class into two groups - have one group stand on one wall & other group on opposite wall. One 'wall is FAST FEET', one wall is 'JUMP SQUATS'. One member from each group sprints from one wall to the other wall. The waiting students either do fast feet or jump squats depending on what wall they are on. Do 3 times back and forth.

Lateral raise with wall squat

Set 2 & repeat:

1 minute - 45 seconds -30 seconds - 15 seconds

Squats in between (plie squats, narrow squats, side squats, runners starts, etc.)

Set 3 & repeat:

20/10 split

Hammer/arnolds (hammer curl up into overhead press)

Set 4 & repeat:

Push ups on step & abs

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