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We get a lot of new steppers this time of year, and I wanted a fairly easy routine to introduce the basic steps in a way that wouldn't be boring to the regulars. I'll add options at the end of each combo where needed.

After the breakdown on each lead and practicing it in sequence as combo 1 (right,left), 2 (right,left) and 3 (right,left), we weave the 3 combos for the final few runs. "Weaving" is Combo 1 on right lead, Combo 2 on left lead, Combo 3 on right lead, then 1 on left, 2 on right, and 3 on left. Any time you have an odd number of combos that are self-reversing you can weave them in this manner. (This explanation is for the newbies.)

All of these combos are tapless.

Combo ONE

*Options would be split basic, T-step, or 2 side lunges

Combo TWO

**Option for V-step, back the second one up, or back it up and invert it

***Tic-toc: low impact version: (1) step up right, (2-6) abduct left, right, left (7, 8) step down left and right. This changes lead feet. High impact: (1) step up right (2-6) swing legs left, right, left, right, left (7, 8) step down left and right.


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