Switch, Straddle, Stomp from Jacque

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 16237)

32 counts, reversing, tapfree. Horizontal board. Breakdown follows. Part 2 has 2 different breakdowns: a quicker one for advanced groups, and a longer one for mixed skill level groups.

Part 1:

Part 2:

*V-cross = mambo right, left off west end (counts 1,2) + cross over right & step wide left as in a jazz square (counts 3,4) + chasse toward the east end. Then mambo left,right off the east end, cross over left & step wide right + chasse home. I call this a "V-cross" because it is also a "hangover" V off the end. I don't call it a "mambo" off the end, because in my mind a mambo steps back on count 3 instead of crossing in front.

** Up, up, switch & straddle = up right,left facing west (counts 1,2) + feet switch places as in a ball-change or a jump (count "and-3") + straddle down right,left still facing west (counts 4,5) + stomp right at sw corner (count 6) + march left,right at home position (counts 7,8)

Breakdown Part 1:

Part 1 does not change the lead. What I sometimes do is go back to the previous 32 count combo and add on the 2 V-cross-chasses + 1 basic (doing it twice for 32). OR I'll use the base for Part 2 as lead-changing filler. (Sometimes I do both: go back to the previous combo for the initial lead switch as well as to begin laying down brain patterning for the "weave" from the end of one combo to the beginning of another. After a couple rounds, I'll drop the previous combo and put the non-lead change 16 with the base for Part 2 in order to begin introducing that while still getting some practice on the non-lead part.)

I do have a different breakdown for Part 1 that works better with beginners. Feel free to email me.

Breakdown Part 2:

With a really advanced group of steppers, the "Switch, straddle & stomp" can simply replace a 3 knee repeater base like this:

HOWEVER - with a group that has very MIXED skill levels, here is a completely different (and longer) breakdown:


PS. I know that many of the excellent instructors here don't need all the details I've included. But I've chosen to add them for the benefit of newer instructors. Hope it's helpful!

AND THANKS to everyone on the MOVES board who contributed ideas for breaking down a "Switch"!

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