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This is a BoxAerobics pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 16249)

To warm up the class prior to my kickboxing class, I like to get the class to stretch their lower bodies dynamically.

I begin with the left leg doing front knee lifts and stepping back with the right leg (10x)

I then tell the class to keep the knee forward and turn their shoulders and hips to the right to open up and target the adductors and to further stretch the hip.... stepping back with the right (10x)

Next, bring the left knee to the right wall bringing that knee over to the right elbow ... stepping back with the right leg (10x)

Turn the left knee lifts to front kicks forward starting low and increase the height by raising knee gradually with each kick ... keep stepping back with the right leg.(10x)

Stress keeping the abs pulled in tight often!

Turn front kicks into left rising kicks forward (knee locked, straight leg kick, pull toes back pressing heel upwards) (10x)

Bring left leg to the side slightly bending to your right keeping knee locked and toes forward ... step to the right side with the right (10x)

Bring left leg to the back, bend forward slightly with back straight, pressing heel to the ceiling with leg locked ... step forward with the right (10x)

Repeat with right leg.

Great warmup and a great drill to loosen up hamstrings, hips. glutes ... to improve flexibility!

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