Kick-Swing, Back-Mambo from Jacque

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 16250)

32 counts, reverses in Part 2. Tapfree, horizontal board. Part 2 is the same as Part 2 in my post from 11/28/06 Flick-Kick Ball-Change. Breakdown follows.

Part 1:

Part 2:


*Kick-swing, back mambo =
Count 1 -- step right at SW corner
Count 2 - kick left
Counts 3,4 - swing left leg back into a leg-extension
Count 5 - exit left
Counts 6,7 - back mambo right,left

**Tie the knot (one time), exiting on N side =
Count 1 - step right at SW corner
Count 2 - step left in center of board, reversing up to face the back wall
Count 3 - cross right foot over the left at SE corner, still facing the back wall
Counts 4,5 - exit left,right on N side

***Glute swing over =
Count 1 - step left at NW corner
Count 2 - swing right leg behind left
Counts 3,4 - exit right,left at home position

**** Knee-weave = Same as a glute swing, but using a knee instead of a back leg-extension

BIG hopturn = This is strictly an option. It is about a 270 degree back-hopturn & isn't for everyone. The tricky part is to keep walking toward the back corner of the room when you complete the hopturn.
Count 1 - step left at NW corner
Count 2 - 270 degree back hopturn with right knee up (going clockwise; you'll go counter-clockwise when on the other lead at the NE corner)
Count 3 - exit right facing SW corner of the room
Count 4 - Walk left toward SW corner of the room (You are now read to follow with the mambo cha-cha back to the board)


Part 1:

Part 2:

Feel free to email me with questions!


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From: Fort Collins, Colorado (USA)
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