Balance & Strength Cool Down Move for Kickboxing

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Hello! This one is a great way to bring down the heart rate before floor work or final stretching. It incorporates some nice strength work, as well as balance on the slow side kick at the end.

I have my partipants hold a horse stance/plie position, then I cue them to shift their weight to the left leg. We do three pulse squats with the majority of the load in the left leg (counts 1-6), then we execute a slow, controlled side kick with the right leg on counts 7 & 8.

I generally do 6-8 on one side and then repeat on the other side. That way we get some overload on the support leg squat work.

For "fun", I will have them hold the last side kick for 15-30 seconds to bring in a balance challenge. This will seem easy if you are fresh, but at the end of a full session, your folks will definitely feel.



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From: Portland, Oregon (USA)
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