Deep Aqua Choregraphy

This is an Aquatic pattern from (pattern 15680)

I have access to the long half of a deep 25 meter pool, and use all of it. To all who post routines, thanks for the inspiration.

Combo 1

Repeat 2X

Combo 2

Repeat and return to other end of pool

Combo 3

Repeat and return to other end of pool

Combo 4


I teach this 1, 2, 12, 3, 123, 4, 1234, takes the full 45 minutes after warm up.

*Kick back, stop at vertical, squeeze glutes, abs engaged, don't arch the back.

*Inner thigh (Sartorius jog) bring the arch of one foot towards the inside of the knee of the opposite leg.

*Froggies bring the soles of the feet together simultaneously widening knees, like a frog.

Tuck, side to side, tuck, then send legs out on a diagonal, almost at surface of water, tuck and pivot 180 and repeat other side, Keeping hips and chest facing instructor, abs engaged.

Tuck, extend front, tuck, extend back, que abs tight, don't arch back, use hips as pivot and pendulum front to back.

Hope explanations are helpful, email if need further explanation.

Have also taught this with some modifications for a shallow pool as well.


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From: Nova Scotia (Canada)
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