Revolving Fun (Intermediate)

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Combo #1 64 Count Self-Reversing

Combo #2 64 Count Self-Reversing

Tips and Notes on Combo 2:

After the rocking horse hop-turn you will be on the back side of your step (some refer to this as the "Front" but to me its the "Back"). You will do the double dip revolve on the back side of you step. The run/run (left) willc be facing the back of the room. Corner kick (left) while still on the back side of your step. The 1/2 around the world will bring you back to "front" where you will kick the front corners (left lead) and basic left run/run on the front. Then turnstep (left lead). Now you are ready to go to rocking-horse hop-turn on left lead.

You can substitute something else for the run/run basics, originally I did not include them, but I found while teaching this combo that these base moves seemed to be needed for everyone to get their bearings. I taught the double dip on the front side first, teaching them to double dip then run/run left. Then left double dip, run/run right. etc..because after you rocking horse hop turn you will be facing the back of the room.

Please email me if any of these steps are unclear or unknown and I'm always happy to give more detailed explanations

Step safely

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