Sonia's Adductor Moves

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Here is a compilation of adductor moves taken from various places.

Part 1:

16x: Begin with full up and down moves, up to the knee, down close to the floor, but cue them not to touch.

Part 2:

Have them come up onto their hands. Now the range of motion is more limited; cue half way up the leg, down to the floor, don't touch-16x.

Part 3:

Wrap arms around bent leg, range of motion severely limited. Cue 1/4 way up, back to floor, don't touch...16x.

After the last 16, have them hold leg extended, inner thigh turned to ceiling for 1 full phrase.

Repeat with the left leg. Make the moves smooth and continuous. Adjust the reps for your classes level.

*Step and Drag:
If you don't have gliding disks use paper plates on carpet or a small towel on wood floors:
8x: With the left foot on the gliding disk step the right foot out wide (1,2). Now press down hard with the left ball/toes of the foot as you slowly drag the disk in to meet the right foot (6-8).
8x: switch the disk and do the step and drag moving left.
Repeat sequence right and left. Repeat as desired.

*Lunge and Drag:
Even though this targets the glutes and hams more you still use the adductors sliding in.
8x: with the left foot on the gliding disk step forward (1,2) with the right as far as you comfortably can. Now press down hard with the left ball/toes of the foot as you slowly drag the left foot forward next to the right (6-8).
Step off the disk and turn around. Switch the disk to the other foot. 8x: Repeat lunge and drag with the right foot on the disk.
Repeat right and left sequence. Repeat as desired.

*Abductors/Adductors: use all parts together or choose just one or two.
Lying on the step or on the floor on a mat: Put the tube with handles under the step or if on the floor under your sacrum. Take the handles and slide them over your feet, adjusting the handles so the tubing is on the outside of the legs. Press the handles down tightly so they don't come off and snap you! Make sure that your students stabilize their core throughout this. Do not let the back arch up.

A: Extend legs straight up feet slightly flexed.
8x: Open the legs slowly to the sides and close them slowly, 4/4 count.
16x: Open and close up tempo 2/2 count.

B: 8x: Open the legs to the sides slowly and as you bring them in cross the legs (scissors), alternating which leg is on top, 4/4 count.
16x: Scissor at tempo, 2/2 count.

C: 8x: With the feet lightly flexed draw the knees toward the chest a little ways. Keeping the feet pressed together open the knees to the sides. Close the knees.
8x: Open and close and then extend the feet. This takes 8 counts. Draw knees in and repeat.

NOTE: add this resting and stretching posture in between the above tube moves as needed: extend the legs and point the feet for 4 counts, then flex hard for 4 counts. Relax the feet for 4 and continue with more of this or one of the above moves.

*Standing: use a wall, a step standing on end, or a chair for support:
Place a sprie band or a dynaband tied in a circle, or any circle band (even giant rubber bands work) around the ankles. Allow the band to slide under the left foot so you can stand on it (note, less strong students need to keep it around their ankle).

Turn the right leg out slightly and soften the knee. Lift it across the left leg pressing against the band. Vary the tempo, but don't allow them to touch the floor between lifts. Repeat left. Keep the standing leg soft in the joints.

*Lie on your side with your body lifted and resting on the elbow with forearm. Remind students to keep the rib cage lifted - NO sagging. The arm on top is resting in front of you on the floor for support. The top leg is bent with the foot on the floor behind you (raspberries to AFAA here!). Do this sequence 1, 2, or 3 times through on each side.

24x - 32x : With the bottom leg slightly bent and the inner thigh parallel to the ceiling lift and lower the leg up to tempo. OR: try varying tempos - try the foot flexed, pointed, and relaxed. I like to do point then flex at tempo.
8x: With the bent leg in an elevated position dig it out - pull the knee in towards your chest and push it out straight. Lead with the heel when you push out. Do not lower down until the last dig is done.
8x: 4/4 count do adductor lift with bent leg using your hand to press on the leg just above the knee for resistance. You could also use a weight for resistance instead of your hand.

*From a supine position:

Part one:
Lying on your back with a stabilized core extend the legs to the ceiling. Bend the knees slightly, keeping the inner edges of the shoes pressed together. Now just open and close the knees using the feet pressing against each other to add to the work.

Part two:
From the knees bent position: extend the legs upward, open in a V, bring them back together, bend the knees slightly, press the feet edges together as you open the knees, close the knees and repeat as needed.

Email any questions or comments.


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