Lethal Leslie #38 - sculpt

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15692)

Equipment needed: step with one or two more risers than they would normally use, a heavy bar and a medium bar, heavy weights and medium weights.

Warm up

I used small balls, about the size of a basketball, but the light colourful ones you can get from the dollar store.

Part 1 of warm up - shuffle right holding the ball (4), jump up in the air pushing the ball over your head (2) then fake a pass to the right (2) - repeat a few times

Part 2 - squat & wood chop - start standing with feet wide, about shoulder width apart, you bring the ball up on a diagonal and then as you squat down, you do a wood chop motion with the ball on a diagonal. First doing it easy, then like a real chop, exaggerate it.

Part 3 - do the legs first and then add the ball after - Lets say, standing on the left leg, right leg is bent, lunge to the right side, a deep lunge, (2 counts), come back up to where you started (2 counts), right leg is still bent, now go to a table top position balancing on the left leg (2 counts) and then come back up to where you started (2 counts). Have them do the leg part first just holding the ball, then you're going to add a toss. Holding the ball in the left hand, as you lunge to the side you toss the ball and catch it with the right hand, as you come up from the lunge, you toss it back to the left hand. They always have the option to just hold the ball.

  1. Bar up on shoulders alternate single lunges on to the step, then lunge on step up lunge off and switch legs. Do as many reps as you want
  2. Dumbbells - start with plie squats, then add arms, holding the dumbbells, elbows in at your sides, arms bent at 90 degrees, palms to the ceiling. As you go down in the plie squat push the arms out, leading with the hands, as you come up from the squat bring the arms back in leading with the elbows in at your sides. When your arms get tired, you can switch to something else, like biceps curls while you're still doing the plie squats.
  3. Pyramid pushups - start with toes on top of step and hands on floor in decline position, do as many as they can there, then they go to their knees on top of the step and hands on the floor and do as many as they can there. Next, toes and hands on the floor, then go to knees when they can't do anymore. Next on toes and hands on the step, then again down to their knees until they can't do anymore.
  4. Bar on shoulders, at one end of the step, one foot on the step and one foot off, just with their step at their regular height. Squat down & up, then pulse three and add a knee up, then move the pulses, foot close to step, a little farther away then back to close to the step, then do the knee up.
  5. Go on top of the step and do deadlifts with the bar.
  6. Repeat #4 on the opposite end of the step.
  7. On end of step again, holding the bar in your hands, nice and wide, underhand grip, row the bar to your belly button. Add balance challenge here. One foot is on the step and other foot is on the floor. As you are rowing, the foot on the floor, go to the toe, then put all the weight on the foot on the step, then with the leg that's just hanging in the air, add an abduction with that leg. When done, go to the other end of the step and do an over hand grip with the bar and row.
    You can always use dumbbells. If you are going to use dumbbells, you can do it with your palms facing your body (while holding the dumbbells) and to a narrow row, then when you switch ends, your palms will face the back of the room for a wide row. Always tell them to lead forward, engage abdominals and lead with their elbows.
  8. Using dumbbells, sit on the end of the step, lean back (engaging abdominals) and do hammer curls. They have the option of alternating a leg lift (really a knee lift), or holding one leg up in the air for so many counts and then the other. If they are really advanced they can hold both legs in the air.
  9. Lay on your step with your head, neck and upper back on the step, and your lower back, butt and legs are off the end of the step, feet flat on the floor. Dumbbells are in your hands, glutes are up and tight, start doing chest flies. You can vary the counts. Once they get the arms, you can add the legs, as you lower your arms down in the chest fly you drop your glutes down. As you bring the arms up, you lift the glutes up and squeeze. When you think you've done enough chest flies, then do presses with the glute lifts.
  10. Stay in the above position, dumbbells in your hands and palms facing each other and do lying triceps presses. Arms stay still from shoulders to elbows, you are lowering the dumbbells beside your head, moving from the elbow to the hands. You can also add the glutes here.
  11. 1Sit up and do shoulder presses. Then lean your chest forward onto your thighs and do reverse flies for the back of the shoulders.
  12. Do abs. Any exercise you want. I don't usually plan the abs portion of class. I just do what I feel like doing.

I hope this is enough for an hour class. If not, just add a few extra things in there. You can always add a lower back exercise.

Hope you enjoy. Email if you have any questions or comments.

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