Basic Moves Made Advanced!

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 15697)

(Here are the options on the above combo to make it more advanced: FIRST OPTION: take the last lunge you would do and turn it into a reverse pivot, so if it is a right lead, your last lunge would be with your left leg back, instead, swing that left leg behind you for the reverse pivot and you end up now facing the back of the room. SECOND OPTION: Make the L-step a Knee-Squat-Knee (I often will cue it a KSK) - You enter the bench as you would with an L-step - on the right lead - right leg on the bench, lift the left knee - with right leg still on bench, left leg comes onto floor - squat 2 counts (pulse it) and then lift the left knee again & exit the bench)

People have the option to add in the advancements or not so suddenly the combo becomes friendly to intermeidate & advanced levels. The combo is self-reversing, so even if they're facing each other for awhile, it will all revert back. I tell everyone "It doesn't matter which way you're facing, this is your workout, choose the option you like better."

The second half of that combo, or a whole new 32 pattern:

WHAT IS A FIESTA KICK...? If you know the Party Walk, the Fiesta Kick will be very easy, it is a variation on that, but I'll explain it as if you don't know it....left leg lead: left leg mambos on the bench, then straddles the mambo, the steps back up on the bench and kick the right leg and exit. Furthur explination: 2 count left leg on the bench in a rocking motion, the left leg straddle the bench in a rocking motion, then step it back up on bench and kick right leg.

This second combo would be done immediately after the first combo is done on one leg's lead, then you would do both 32 block son the other leg's lead. So it is really one big 64 count combo.

Hopefully I have explained it so it's easy to understand, but if you have questions, please email me, it really is a FUN one to try - challenging for people - but such a good feeling of accomplishment for them in class once they get it!

Mary :)

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