Balancing Act

This is an Abs pattern from (pattern 15712)

Begin on all fours.

Raise an opposite arm and leg. As usual... belly pulled in toward a neutral spine. Work on neutral hips also (the lifted leg hip tends to rotate outward)

Find a strong balance, and then lift the bottom foot off floor. You'll end up balanced on one knee cap and one hand.

I warn members ahead of time that they're going to wobble all over the place and they should expect it. It's helpful to focus your gaze on the floor so that you're not distracted by all the movement around you.

Over time, and with practice, the wobbling becomes less and less as people learn to let their bodies work at finding a way to distribute their weight evenly.

If someone were ever able to balance perfectly in this position, have them close their eyes :o)

Obviously you'll need a very thick mat for this and not everyone will be able to -- or will want to -- put weight on their knee cap like that.

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