High Intensity Cardio Kickboxing

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15714)

Hey everyone :) Finally, after "borrowing" some of your patterns, I'm here sharing one of mine.

Ok, here it is ...

FIRST - Cross over & slide

Cross over - face mirror, step right with right, left steps behind right, right steps right and left step touch. (it's almost like grapevine but instead of crossing over you're crossing behind.)

Slide - wide low squat moving twice left or right (modification-two steps left or right hands on guard)

Ok, (it's harder then I thought)

After you taught them the basic, you want to add a side kick in the end of "cross over". Step right, left crosses behind and right shoots out a side kick and brings the foot down. The count stays the same (4).

To make it interesting I make them do this again but this time facing the left side of the room, so you're in your right fight stance. You'll go "cross over kick" toward the mirror and "slide" with hands on guard back.

SECOND - Two knees up & side kick & front kick

After slide, your chest is still facing left side of the room, right? Ok, good. Bring two right knees up with (grab and pull) motion with your arms. These are strike knees not block knees. So before you bring the knee up (your right should be in a little lunge) you reach diagonally up to the left corner, when the knee comes up imagine you just grabbed your opponent's head and slam it to your knee :) at the same time.

I make them "grab and pull" million times and then I add right side kick to the front. Two knees up + one side kick (same leg) after that I'll add left front kick, you can start by kicking where you're facing (which still should be your left, you're looking forward though) what I tell them to add a little bit more is to kick with the left front kick toward the mirror, so there's a pivot happening.

So as you can see a lot is happening in this four counts. That's why it's so high intensity.

Of course, now you want to put it together before we continue.:)

Now after you've done it for about four times where everyone got it without any mistake, you want to calm it down a little with shuffles side to side or bob'n weave... Start marching and introduce them to a jump kick. High intensity kick where if you kicking with right, your left knee will come up and right front kick comes out. The knee up helps you get the momentum, power, and speed for the right kick. Do both sides. When they got it... (this is optional) Tell them without practising it that you'll add the jump kick toward the end of the combo you just learned, makes it fun to see who can get it on their own. Let's gooooo...

You got a little bit of time to shuffle it out and get ready for another round. The jump kick is for (4) and make sure you'll give yourself a few counts to catch your breath with shuffle side to side (or some might call it boxers jog)

HOW DID YOU DO??? Let me know if you have any questions.

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