New Year, New step

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Happy New Year. Here are 4 64 count, self-reversing, tap free combos (advanced).

Do email any questions.

Combo I (mild crossphrasing)

Total 64 counts

* Split I-step - step up right and left (2) jack on top (2), lunge back right and left off back of bench home side (4), step down right and left (2) jack on the flor (2), total 12. This is a combination of the I-step and the Split back lunge.

** Repeater weave - do a 2 knee repeater (4) cross leg behine the one on the bench to opposite side (2). Combination of repeater knee with a weave (or as some call it scissor).

Combo II (mild crossphrasing)

Total 64 counts

* Richochet - side approach step up right foot on bench (1) step up left foot onto bench (1) side lunge right foot (1), right foot step back onto bench (1), left foot down on floor, right foot down on floor (2), total 6 counts. Cue as up lunge right, exit or up lunge left exit. Use the jack to fill phrase.

** Orbit - is exactly the same move as a revolving door but done on the diagonal. So step up right and left heading towards the corner of the bench. Step down right and left while turning back into the bench so you end up on the North side, facing where you just came from

Combo III

Total 64 counts

* Walk the bench, step up right and left (2), step down on north side right and left (2)

Combo IV

Total 64 counts

* Turn V-step, I borrowed this from Sonia thanks it's a great move (see original post #15504)
Right * V-hangover (4)
Right * 1/2 V-step, straddle (4)
Right * V-hangover (4)
Right * 1/2 V-step, straddle (4)
So you end up in a straddle.

** Cross the mambo, from the straddle position, cross the right foot over the bench, in front of the left foot (4)

***Crab - close to small end of bench, step up right and left (2) side mambo of bench to right done 2 times (4), step home right and left (2)

Enjoy and email questions.


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