Kick Start Your New Year

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 15567)

Step/KB fusion - Beginner/Intermediate (power options), horizontal bench, self-reversing and tapless. Can be cross-phased as well. Assume right leg lead for any ** breakdown.

Some combos are *very* basic (for those new faces for the new year), but add the power and the regulars are panting!

Combo 1

Punch both arms right-left to the front (crossing the body) on counts 1-2 of the V-step.

* Step up right (1), kick front left (2), step on top of bench left (3), kick back right (4), step on top of bench right (5), kick front left (6), step down left-right (7-8) - looks like a rock on top

Combo 2

Option to do jabs or cross punches on the alternating step-taps.
Speedbag arms on the 8-count rocking horse - don't switch lead legs

* Can either do a traditional L-step, a knee-side kick-knee, or a front kick-side kick-front kick left-step

Combo 3

Add two jabs with the right arm on the shuffle turns (option - speedbag)
Cross punch on the charleston kick
Note: If you go "back to the top" between each combo breakdown, this combo ending makes it tough to go back to the V-steps in combo 1 - just warnin' ya!

Combo 4

* Step on W side of bench right (1), kick front left (2), walk back left-right-left (3-4-5), kick front right (6), walk forwards right-left (7-8) - can substitute broadway knees if you prefer, and add some punches

** Facing W side of room: right stomp on step (1), L-step on floor (2), right straddle stomp (3), L-step on floor (4), right stomp on step (5), L-step on floor (6), right straddle stomp (7), L-step on floor (8) - similar to what I call a curb walk without the back mambo - can also substitute a football run instead

Combo 5

Just a regular turn step right-left-right, with a back kick left on count 4

** Step up sideways left-right on top (1-2), step down off the skinny end (facing E) left-right (3-4)

T-step is a step up left-right, straddle left-right, step up left-right (or hop both feet, left knee lift), step back off skinny end left-right

** Staying on the floor! Jab/shuffle towards the front (1-2-3), cross punch (4), jab/shuffle towards the back (5-6-7), cross punch (8). I cue the hamcurls to get back into position to start the turnstep again in the other direction

Combo 6

Hook punches right-left on the back lunges off the split basic
Uppercut right-left arms on the V-steps.
Can sub in a three-repeater whatever instead of the L-step if you don't want to repeat a move from combo 2

Combo 7

Add a cross arm block on the karate knees

* Step on W side right (1), kick front left (2), step down left and kick side right (3-4), step on bench right and kick front left (5-6), step down left and kick side right (7-8) - can also do a knee off the end with a rock

Soccer kick aka front arabesque/instep touch

WHEW!!!! I usually wouldn't do all these combos in one class, but if you like to mix things up from class to class without completely changing choreo (and like to stay with a particular "theme") then these might work. Let me know if you have any questions!

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From: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA)
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