Lethal Leslie #34 - sculpt

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15574)

I taught a sculpt class last night. First one of the new year and thought I would post it for everyone. I was hoping to kill them with it. Hopefully I did.

You will need a step, two bars (one heavy and one lighter), two or three sets of dumbbells. I asked them to grab a heavier set of dumbbells, heavier than they would normally use and then their normal set of dumbbells. And of course a mat.

For the warm up I just did step touches (change it to ski side to side), grapevines (into shuffles), ham curls (added power) and I did a couple of knee repeaters on the step (then added power). Had some new people so I kept it simple. After the warm up I had them put some extra risers on their step.

Set #1 - I ran through this 3 times.

  1. Reverse lunges with the bar on shoulders (we did at least 16 on each leg, maybe more) I gave the option of doing lunges on the floor, using dumbbells instead of the bar and also using the bar for balance instead of on the shoulders. I had them put their back leg on the step and their front leg further away from the step, showed them proper alignment and told them to look in the mirror to make sure they were doing it properly (knee over ankle)
  2. Bicep curls with the bar (16)
  3. Front raise with the bar (16)
  4. Plyo jacks on the step (I gave people the option of just doing them on the floor for those who were afraid to use the step. I didn't say afraid though. Also gave low impact option of just squatting down and up and had them add arms to it)

We went through all four exercises and then went from the top 2 more times. Then grabbed some water and moved on.

Set #2 - did this 2 times

  1. Dumbbells - start sitting on the step, dumbbells in your hands, put your feet under you, hip distance apart, stand up, sit down, extend your legs out in front of you and squeeze your quad muscles, and repeat. I gave the option of just standing and doing squats or doing plie squats instead (for the beginners). Told them not to worry about the music, go at their own pace. I don't remember how many we did.
  2. Bar - dead lifts - not sure how many we did
  3. Bar - back - rows, underhand grip on the bar, squat position and lean forward from the hips, abs tight and row the bar to your belly button.
  4. Jumps squats - 20 - this is just on the floor, jump up in the air reaching your arms up and come down in a squat

We went through all four exercises and then went from the top again.

Set #3 - set of heavy dumbbells and normal weight dumbbells

  1. Shoulder presses - not very many, say 16 with the heavy dumbbells
  2. 2 Handed triceps extensions behind the head (maybe 16, not sure, mainly went by feel)
  3. Reverse flies

First we went through it using the heavy dumbbells and then using their normal weight dumbbells.

Set #4 - dumbbells of their choice

  1. Sit on end of step, lean back, engaging abs, and do hammer curls
  2. Lay down on step with butt and lower back off the step, so middle & upper back, shoulders and head are on the step, do chest flies and add the glutes to it (lower hips down and up)
  3. Laying on the step, do triceps extensions with the dumbbells
  4. Then do chest presses

Then do abs and stretch.

That's it, any questions or comments feel free to email me.

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