Boot Camp

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I teach a hour boot camp class and have access to a basketball court. I alternate between cardios and strengths, and each of my cardios are 3 minutes.


Cardio #1: fast feet-30 seconds/sprint down the court/Bunny hops coming back/repeat the sequence for 3 minutes

Strength #1: 20 push-ups
20 tricep dips

Cardio #2: 1 killer (suicide)/10 jumping jacks/10 squat jumps/repeat the sequence for 3 minutes

Strength #2: 15 angled bicep curls
15 bent-over flyes

Cardio #3: high knees to half court-backpedal to start/sprint full court-backpedal to start/repeat the sequence for 3 minutes

Strength #3: 15 lateral/front raises (do a lateral raise then a front raise that equals one)
15 back extensions (lying face down, place hands behind head, lift upper body off floor, hold for 2 counts then lower)

Cardio #4: Bounding down and back (bounding=an exaggerated run, pushing off back foot to move)/karaoke down and back/frog hops down and back (squat down, touch floor, jump forward)/repeat sequence for 3 minutes.

Strength #4: 15 chest presses
15 tricep kickbacks

Cardio #5: 1 killer/10 crisscross jumping jacks/10 plie hops/repeat sequence for 3 minutes

Strength #5: 15 hammer curls
15 seated rows with handled band

Abs: basic crunch 20x
upper and lower 20x (knees bent 90 degrees, pull into chest)
basic crunch 10x
upper and lower 10x

Bicycle 10x-1 count or fast (hold 1 count, switch)
10x-2 count or slow (hold 2 count, switch)
10x-1 count
10x-2 count


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From: Fremont, Ohio (USA)
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