Boot Camp 2

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Here's another boot camp class!



Cardio #1: plie pulses 30x/sprint down and back (on basketball court)
plie pulses 20x/sprint down and back
plie pulses 10x/sprint down and back
(This should be around 3 minutes)

Strength #1: Wall sit with overhead presses 15x
Wall sit with lateral raise 15x

Cardio #2: Need a partner, step, and a medicine ball
1 person is standing on the (vertical) step with medicine ball, the other is standing about 7 to 10 feet away from partner. The medicine ball will be passed back and forth while the person on step does side to side taps. (One foot stays on top of step while you tap one foot down, add a hop to make harder) Do 30 seconds and quickly switch, go 3x through for a total of 3 minutes

Strength #2: 15 rotating kickbacks (kickback, rotate wrists so palms face ceiling at the top of the move)
15 tricep dips

Cardio #3: Need a partner, and a tire (we have tires)
1 partner pushes tire all the way down the court, leaves the tire and sprints back. The other sprints to tire and pushes it back to start. Repeat sequence for 3 minutes

Strength #3: Right side bent over row 15x
Left side bent over row 15x
Both sides together reverse grip bent over row (palms face away from body, row up)

Cardio #4: Squat jumps with weights-1 minute
1 lap around track-1 minute (put weights down, we have a track around our basketball court). Repeat sequence 1 more time for a total of 4 minutes

Strength #4: Crossover lunge with hammer curl 15x
Lunge with bicep curl 15x

Cardio #5: Sprint down and back (on basketball court)/10 reverse crunches/10 chest flyes (lying on floor) Repeat sequence for 3 minutes

Strength #5: Swimmer (upper/lower back-lying face down on floor, lift opposite arm, opposite leg hold for 2 count lower and switch sides. Do the 2 count for 15x, then 1 count for 15x

Abs-5 minutes


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