Boot Camp 3

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1 minute push-ups (feet are wide apart)

Cardio #1: Partners
1 does a killer
1 does squat thrusts (4 counts, squat down, kicks legs back, brings legs in, and stand up). Switch when partner returns from killer. Do a total of 3x through

Strength #1: Flyes lying on ball- 2 sets of 15 (lying face down on ball, chest should be slightly off ball, arms are hanging down beside ball, raise weights up, squeeze shoulder blades together and lower.)

Cardio #2: Zig-zag hop (moving down the court, feet together) turn and sprint back/repeat sequence for 3 minutes

Strength #2: Handled band/tubing bicep curls- 2 sets of 15

Cardio #3: Partners
1 scooters (we have scooters) down court/run back
1 does fast feet
Switch when partner returns with scooter/repeat 3x through

Strength #3: Plie with overhead extension- 2 sets of 15 (hold plie down and hold 1 weight end to end and do tricep extensions)

Cardio #4: 1 minute-mountain climbers/1 minute-high knees/1 minute-jumping jacks

Strength #4: Squat with front raise- 2 sets of 15

Cardio #5: Quick shuffle between 2 lines or cones about 10 feet apart-30 seconds/karoake down and back/repeat sequence for 3 minutes

Strength #5: 1 minute push-ups (place hands wider than shoulder width apart)
Superman (upper/lower back-lying face down, arms extended forward, lift arms and legs off, hold, lower down)

Abs-5 minutes


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