Patti's Ball Sculpt

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Had a great class today and wanted to share it! Thanks again for everyone's creative ideas. They really help me keep my classes motivated.

Equipment: Stability ball, 2 sets of weights (one for biceps, one for triceps/shoulders), dynaband

This is a one hour class. I use faster music (140 bpm) so each move is 4 counts (2 up, 2 down, unless noted otherwise). Begin with a 5 minute warmup. Stretch as you go, between every 2 sets or so, giving the heart rate a chance to come down.

Arms/Shoulders/Chest Work

Time to give the arms a little break. Lay on your back on the floor, ball between feet with legs extended up to the ceiling, arms out to the sides. Drop legs side to side, working the obliques. Modify to bent knees if anyone is feeling discomfort in the lower back.

Quad/Hamstring/Glute/Back Work

Abdominal Work

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From: Ellicott City, Maryland (USA)
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