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This is an intermediate routine with 4 -32 count combos, tapless. You can use these separate or all together (self-reversing when used all together) to make one long routine, which is what I did and it was great fun! I have borrowed some of these moves from this site, thank you to all who take the time to submit routines, moves, etc. It keeps us all inspired and is GREATLY appreciated!!

Right lead* (first foot to move)

Now you are ready to start at the top with left lead

V-lunge* - step up right the left wide on your step and then lunge back right and left and exit right left.

Superwoman straddle Superwoman* - this is a glute squeeze on the corner with hands lifted in the air as if taking off for flight (since you are Superwoman!) ending in a straddle and repeat glute squeeze with arms lifted, exit right, left.

Split kick repeater* - right foot to step, kick left foot forward, replace left foot to floor, kick forward right foot and replace right foot to step, kick left foot and exit left, right.

Curl-kick mambo* - left foot to step, curl right leg, left foot kick forward and replace on step, right foot lifts and replace, left foot move to floor behind right (as in reverse mambo), lift right and replace. Now you are ready for a single curl on same corner.

Superwoman rock* - right foot to step, left leg lifts back (glute squeeze) and replaces to floor - arms lift in air as if taking off for flight during glute squeeze, right foot lifts and taps heel on step and replaces -at same time arms come down and touch waist and lower, palms fowrward and touch waist again, left leg repeats glute squeeze (arms in air again) and exit left, right.

Silly repeater* - this is a right lead repeater begining with a knee lift, lateral leg lift (outer thigh), curl, exit left on home side, exit right on north side of step

Enjoy, and if you have any questions, please email me. I'd be glad to answer them!!

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