Tawanda's Five By Five #1

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Five groups of five sets. 10-12 reps for each exercise. Each of these five groups targets muscles that support a particular spinal movement function. The last set is designed to integrate muscular strength/ endurance with the proprioceptive and stability skills required to adapt to balance challenges using the entire kinetic chain. The terms used here are those commonly used for stability ball exercises in the Resist-A-Ball educational programs. In most groups at least one of the exercises focuses on isometric contractions of the target muscles. This sequence in its entirety is useful for 20-30 minute class segments. Or use bits and pieces of it. Stretch may also be added in between the exercises.


  1. 1) Supine incline trunk curls-wide base
  2. 2) Supine incline trunk curls-narrow base
  3. 3) Supine trunk curls varying lever (arm) positions
  4. 4) Prone plank-hands on floor; thighs, shins, or toes on ball-30 seconds
  5. 5) Prone hip/spine flexion (note: this is NOT a tuck & extend)


  1. 1) Prone trunk extension - wide base; "T" arms
  2. 2) Prone spinal extension with rotation to right move slowly
  3. 3) Prone spinal extension with rotation to left move slowly
  4. 4) Prone trunk extension - hold; add scapulae retraction 3x
  5. 5) Prone spinal extension (on floor) holding ball


  1. 1) Prone kneeling ball crunch
  2. 2) Supine elevated trunk curl grip with lower legs
  3. 3) Supine elevated trunk curl lift ball-lower-crunch
  4. 4) Supine elevated leg press (isometric stability)
  5. 5) Supine elevated reverse curl


  1. 1) Supine incline oblique curls right - wide base
  2. 2) Supine incline oblique curls left - wide base
  3. 3) Supine incline alternating oblique curls - narrow base
  4. 4) Prone oblique tuck left - tuck-hold-slowly extend
  5. 5) Prone oblique tuck right - tuck-hold-slowly extend


  1. 1) Side Plank A (right side)- frontal plane balance challenge
    Ball under outer right hip, right hand resting on ball, left hand reaching toward ceiling; outer edge of right foot on floor, left leg abducted parallel to floor
  2. 2) Side Plank B (right side) - offset center of gravity
    Kneel on right leg, press side of right hip into the ball, extend left leg, then slowly move into left hip flexion. Your left leg will be out in front of you at hip height. Hold. Can add dynamic balance challenge by moving the left leg through extension to flexion
  3. 3) Prone Plank with hands on ball; toes on floor- 20 to 30 seconds.
  4. 4) Side Plank A (left side)- frontal plane balance challenge
  5. 5) Side Plank B (left side) - offset center of gravity

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