Boot Camp 4

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Warm-up: Stretch

Push-ups-Need a partner/medicine ball. One person is in push-up position. One person has the medicine ball and is 5 feet away from partner. (While person is doing push-ups roll the ball at them, they have to push the ball back at partner. Have them alternate between using their left/right hands.) Do 20 rolls then switch

Cardio #1: High knees 6x's (moving down the floor)-backpedal to start/high knees 12x's-backpedal to start/high knees 18x's-backpedal to start/high knees 24x's-backpedal to start/start the whole sequence over and go for 3 minutes.

Strength #1: Hamstring curls using exercise ball-2 sets of 20 reps. (lying on back, put heels and calves on ball, lift up butt and roll ball in and out) 2 counts in, 2 counts out

Cardio #2: (I'm on a basketball court for my class so for this exercise we go across the court instead of down the court) 10 wall jumps/turn and do lateral jumps or speed skate across the floor/turn and sprint back to start/Repeat sequence for 3 minutes.

Strength #2: Seated angled tricep kickbacks-2 sets of 15 reps. (Seating down on an exercise ball or chair - this move is the same as a regular kickback except kick back at a angle, so you make a "V" at the top of the move)

Cardio #3: 1/2 group walls sits while doing jabs (have them hold 3 or 5lb. weights in hands while jabbing) 1/2 group bob-n-weaves (have them hold one 8 or 10lb. weight end to end while bob-n-weaving)-After 1 minute quickly switch, repeat sequence for a total of 4 minutes. (I take string and tie it around 2 objects, the string is about 4 to 5 feet from the floor and have the them bob-n-weave under the string.)

Strength #3: Bicep curls on exercise ball-2 sets of 15 reps. (sitting on top of ball, walk your feet out until your low to mid back is resting on the ball, shoulders are off ball, put elbows into the ball and leave them there throughout the move, now curl arms up and down, neck is in neutral position)

Cardio #4: Foot work (I place hula hoops on the floor in a straight line, you can use tape, or if you have an actual exercise ladder) 1 minute-hop both feet in hoop/hop both feet out of hoop moving as you go. 1 minute-standing sideways put both feet in hoop/then take both feet back and out of hoop moving as you go. 1 minute-moving high knees (each foot should land in 1 hoop)

Strength #4: Low lunge with 1 arm row-15 on each side (lunge resting arm on front leg and row with other-switch) 1 set of 15 rows (both arms together, no lunge)

Cardio #5: Partners: 1-push-ups, 1-killers/suicide (switch when partner is done with killer) For the next set have 1-Supermans (lying on belly, lift arms and legs at same time, lower), 1-killers (switch when partner is done with killer) Repeat this sequence for 4 minutes.

Strength #5: Seated front raises 15x/Seated lateral raises 15x

Abs-5 to 6 minutes


I hope this makes sense!!

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