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This is an Aquatic pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15600)

These moves come from typical gym pilates classes and can be easily used in aqua with the right instruction and cues. I suggest doing some land pilates yourself and being very comfortable with it before trying to teach it in the water. Also, try these moves in the water on your own first. All moves should be done in about lower chest high water. I would do these at the end of a cardio class or fit them into warm water therapy or yoga classes.

Warm Up - Squat as if sitting on a big round ball. Roll the hips forward and backward slowly as if moving the ball. Be sure it is only the waist area doing the work, no legs. Now roll side to side, again only using the torso and not the legs or upper body. Control! Posture!

Saw - Squat with both arms out to side, palms down. Slowly twist to one side looking at the arm which is to the back and hold. Be sure to blow in and out! Again, slowly twist to the other side and hold looking at the back arm. Do several. Now when you twist instead of the back arm being straight out, bend the elbow so that your arms are in a bow and arrow postion. Look back. To the other side, slowly. Do several.

Side lying hip - Surprise, we do these standing either holding on to the side, a noodle or nothing which takes more balance and might be best reserved for advanced classes or after students have done these a few times.

Do all on other side.

Stretch - You may want to do this in a little more shallow water. Lean the neck to one side. While holding it there, let the other arm slowly sway from front to back gliding through the water. This is a good time for talking the class down, providing visuals and relaxation. Be sure this is very slow, it is a stretch with no power or force. Lean to the other side.

I would like to hear about your pilates ideas. Please email or post.

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