Quick & Easy #2 from Jacque

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15601)

This is a variation on the "Quick & Easy" pattern from December 21, 2005. For the breakdown on the "step-kick-kick", refer to that post.

This one has more cross-phrasing, so it isn't quite as quick or quite as easy, but it really isn't too complicated. 32 counts, reversing, tap-free.

An EASIER variation on this would be to do a 6 count mambo after the "Step kick kicks", follow with 2 basics (or a revolving door) and an L-step. (Hey, ya always gotta have those easy versions up your sleeve for the unexpected crowd of new faces!)

* L-step variations:

1. "Salsa L" = Step knee off end (1,2), shake hips with one foot on board and one on floor - arms sway side to side with the hips (3,4,5), knee up (6), exit home (7,8)

2. "L Mambo-walk" = Step knee off end (1,2), step down by the end and mambo forward with the inside leg (3,4), walk backwards around the corner to home position OR spin around the corner (5,6,7,8). I especially like this option for this combo.

3. "Drop Squat/Tic-Toc" = Step knee or step side lift (1,2), drop into a squat off the end (3,4), tic-toc on top using the outside leg first (5,6), exit down down at home (7,8).

Breakdown for the single stomps and basics:

I begin by teaching the "step kick kick" the same as in the Dec. 21 post -- using a 6 count mambo to round out the phrase. Then I block and teach the variation, using a long version:

Then I repeat the whole thing beginning with a left lead. This gives them enough practice with the "one stomp, one basic or reverse" to get comfortable with being off the phrase. Some classes might not need this much repetition, but it's January and I've got some new faces that I hope to retain.

Next I block and teach variations on L steps. Then put the whole thing together.

Feel free to email me with questions.


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