Take A Turn, Or Not from Jacque

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15604)

Here's one I'm still playing around with on the "drawing board. It has a lot of layers of optional turns, so I'll give both the final version and the base version with no turning. Since there are always people who for various reasons don't like to turn, I try my best to give a non-turning options, & it's usually the base layer.

32 counts, reversing, tap-free.


You are now ready to begin with a left lead. The last turn coming out of the "Waltz" flows perfectly into another back-hopturn straddle!

Base (no turns):

  • Right lead "chug" off front of board, turning slightly (3)
  • Left lead "chug" off front of board, turning slightly (3) (OR march on top of the board for 6 counts after the tic-toc)
  • Right lead exit down, down at the home position (2)
  • * "Waltz on Top":
    Count 1: right foot to SW corner
    Count 2: left foot steps behind on top

    Count 3: right foot steps back on top in same place as count 1
    Count 4: left foot exits home
    Count 5: right foot exits home

    A more advanced OPTION for this move is to take the waltz to the floor. After the "Stomp" begin turning to face the other side wall. On the first count of the "Waltz" face the back wall, then step behind as in a back-mambo for the next 2 counts. On the last 2 counts reverse your direction and turn to walk to home position.

    This is exactly the same move as the one done on the board, but the pattern is on the floor off to the side a bit. The trick is remembering to reverse into it. It's great fun -- you can really make your moves bigger and emphasize the turns.

    Feel free to email me with questions.


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