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I like to do about 4 or 5 32 count combinations--self-reversing and tapless. I enjoy teaching more advanced choreography, but I don't have the patience to write out and explain a harder one!! I'm way too visual--most of these submissions are hard for me to interpret and visualize, so I'll do the best I can to make this one easy to understand!

Combo One:

Repeat left lead

Combo Two:

Repeat left lead, facing rear

Combo Three:

Repeat left lead

Combo Four:

Repeat left lead

Circle skate/drop: This is sort of like a reverse turn with hops on top. The right leg crosses over to top left corner of step-then add a little hop (1-2). The left leg goes to right corner (you should be facing the back of the room) then do another little hop (3-4). On the drop, the right foot rocks on the floor right by the right side of the step (left foot stays on the step) (5-6), then rock to the back of the step to exit (7-8). This is really hard to explain, so if all else fails, just do 2 V-steps--it will work out the same!! (Thanks Marcus P.)

Corner pivot: On this combination you should be facing the back of the room when you do this. The left foot is placed on right corner, then pivot over the corner to the end of the step. Then the right foot goes on the same corner, and pivot back to starting position.

Up jack/split lunge: You do a jumping jack on top of the step and exit with 2 lunges off the back of the step.

Ricochet: Pivot up and reverse pivot off the corners without switching leads as you would the corner pivot. It's the same count as a double-knee repeater--you're just adding a little impact. (Thanks Cathe F.!!)

Walk the plank: Right leg on top of step (like you're about to do a turnstep) left knee goes up while you're on the top, then right knee goes up as left leg goes down (1-4), then exit (5-6) and do one jumping jack on floor.

Email me if you have any questions! Enjoy!!

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From: Birmingham, Alabama (USA)
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