Drill Camp for Legs

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Basic cardio warm-up and stretch 3-4 minutes

Drill #1 3 minutes

Easy cardio start
Using step or curb if outside:

2 minutes - Followed by

Repeat combos to reach desired length of time.

Drill #2 2 minutes

Continuing cardio:

Repeat drill with jacks - 2 times

Drill #3 5+ minutes

Legs / lunges:

** followed by jump lunge or speed skater jump

Drill # 4 4 minutes

Abs/ Upper Body

Repeat Combo 3 x

Drill #5 4-5+ minutes

Legs/ Pylometrics

Drill # 6 4-5 minutes

Repeat Combo - 2-3x

Drill # 7 10 minutes

Repeat each combo individually or as a group

Cool down:
Repeating some basic cardio moves from the beginning of class

Drill # 8 5 minutes


Stretch out: 5 minutes

The end.

I built this class around a request for legs and pylometrics drills. I lengthen and shorten the drills depending on class participants. I will change variations if weather is permitting for an outside class, using the curb for a step. I like to add weights to the strength drills if inside, when outside we will come in and add weights to Drill #7 and additional strength drills for upper body are added before Abs.

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